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Rhi-No-Slip Anti-fatigue

Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mats



  • Rhino slip-resistant sponge is now available on all laminated anti-fatigue mats, that show the (Rhi-No-Slip) designation.
  • Rhi-No-Slip dramatically increases friction and reduces mat slippage on ceramic tile, painted or epoxy sealed concrete or vinyl sheet flooring. Rhi-No-Slip sponge is recommended for smaller sized mats in open areas.
  • Rhi-No-Slip is a softer PVC sponge that is made in varying degrees of firmness. This characteristic makes the sponge softer and gives it the ability to absorb shock energy better. Rhi-No-Slip distributes the energy of compression more broadly and reduces mat slippage.
  • Because of this characteristic, Rhi-No-Slip sponge does not rebound as quickly as our Closed Cell Polymeric Sponge.
  • The Rhino Closed Cell Polymeric Sponge is blended with nitrile rubber, demonstrating a high degree of resilience and ebounding to its original shape as quickly as possible. This has the effect of introducing a little bit of "bounce" in addition to shock absorption.
  • Quality does not factor into the difference between these two types of sponges. They have different characteristics and are used for different situations and substrates. One is not better or worst than the other, they are different.
  • Rhi-No-Slip and our Polymeric sponge backings are chemical resistant and self extinguishing, both are manufactured in the United States and contain none of the heavy metals, DOP [dioctyl phthalate] normally found in imported sponges.


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Available in standard sizes and full rolls of 24" x 36" x 48"
widths and custom lengths.
Add "RNS" to part number.
Not available on Double Sponge mats.


While remaining true to our roots as craftsmen

Ranco is founded on an equal commitment to technology. Better tools and more precise techniques are essential to the manufacturing of the world's best anti-fatigue mats. Ranco personnel have been at the forefront of innovative mat design for the last twenty years. Ranco has cultivated links to manufacturing and chemical engineering partners throughout the world to further our efforts. The ultimate product of these efforts, there's a little Einstein in every Rhino mat.

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