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K-Series Solid Diamond Mats

K-series Solid Diamond MatsK-series Solid Diamond Mats
  • The K-Series Diamond Top features a textured surface pattern for sure footing and is ideal for industrial applications, weight rooms, ice skating arenas or any place where a combination of floor protection and standing or walking comfort is needed.
  • Diamond Top mats have the K-Series hidden inter lock system that allows the build-out of virtually any size or configuration, with male connector on two sides and female connectors on two sides of the mat, no accessory connectors needed.
  • Diamond Top mats will not pull apart and easily unlock when needed.
  • For on-site custom configurations the K-Series ramp system comes in male and female configuration with an interlocking end tab for interlocking two adjoining ramps for a secure and professional look .
  • These mats are manufactured from natural rubbers from para rubber trees. It has less impact on the environment, It is an ecologically sustainable crop and contributes to the maintenance of the global carbon balance in the atmosphere.
  • Solid Diamond Top contains Nitrile polymer for added resistance to machine cutting fluids and acids.
  • 3' x 3' size with connecting black or yellow bevels, Thickness 0.7" .


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K-Series Solid Diamond
Product Spec
Stock # Desc. App. Wt.
K-3636SD 36" x 36" Mat 20.0 lbs.
K36M 36" Bevel Strip Male 2.0 lbs.
K-36F 36"Bevel Strip Female 2.0 lbs.
K-36MY 36" Bevel Strip Male Yellow 2.0 lbs.
K-36FY 36" Bevel Strip Female Yellow 2.0 lbs.
K40M 40" Bevel Strip Male 2.0 lbs.
K-40F 40"Bevel Strip Female 2.0 lbs.
K-40MY 40" Bevel Strip Male Yellow 2.0 lbs.
K-40FY 40" Bevel Strip Female Yellow 2.0 lbs.
Colors: Black mat, Black and Yellow Bevels
0.7" Thickness

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Ranco is founded on an equal commitment to technology. Better tools and more precise techniques are essential to the manufacturing of the world's best anti-fatigue mats. Ranco personnel have been at the forefront of innovative mat design for the last twenty years. Ranco has cultivated links to manufacturing and chemical engineering partners throughout the world to further our efforts. The ultimate product of these efforts, there's a little Einstein in every Rhino mat.

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