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Reflex® Anti-Fatigue Mats

Reflex® Anti-Fatigue Floor MatsReflex® Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber Reflex® Floor MatsReflex® Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mats
  • Interactive mat is a term describing the Reflex anti-fatigue mat whose input and output are interconnected producing a combination of resilience and stimulation working together for an effect that rejuvenates as energy is expended.
  • Reflex Floor Mats provide this dual action blend with bouyant polymer sponge and vertical column support domes.
    - The Super resilient closed-cell polymeric sponge baseand rubber floor mat material encourages a subtle and constant series of small adjustments to leg and calf muscles. Adjusting to the flexibility of the mat increases blood flow by the interaction between muscles and veins, resulting in improved circulation and reduced fatigue.
    - The solid domed Reflex floor mat surface is compliant, to the shape of the foot, providing upward vertical force and simple manipulation of the feet. This relieves tension, stimulates circulation and breaks up patterns of stress in all areas of the body to an amazing extent.
  • Relating to the external conditions of the workplace, productivity gains through the use of anti-fatigue floor mats are second only to heating and air conditionning. The bonus is safety and well-being.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mats are available in two thicknesses:
    Heavy Duty - 5/8" thich mats: Recommended in areas where tasks require personnel to move around in large work stations.
    Super Duty - 1" thick mats: The Anti-Fatigue mat of choice in standing work stations delivering unparalleled comfort.


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Reflex® Anti-Fatigue
Product Spec
Heavy Duty - SIngle Sponge Mats 5/8" Thick
Stock # Size Weight Ea.
RFLX2436 2´ x 3´ 9.0 lbs.
RFLX3660 3´ x 5´ 22.0 lbs.
Custom Sizes - Available in Lengths up to 75 Lin. Ft., 5/8" Thick
Stock # Size Weight/Lin.Ft
RFLX24 24" 3.0 lbs.
RFLX36 36" 4.5 lbs.
RFLX48 48" 6.0 lbs.
RFLX60 60" 7.5 lbs.
RFLX72 72" Seamed 9.0 lbs.
RFLX96 96" Seamed 12.0 lbs.
Super Duty - Double Sponge Mats 1" Thick
Stock # Size Weight Ea.
RFLX2436DS 2´ x 3´ 10.2 lbs.
RFLX3660DS 3´ x 5´ 28.0 lbs.
Custom Sizes - Available in Lengths up to 75 Lin. Ft., 1" Thick
Stock # Size Weight/Lin.Ft
RFLX24DS 24" 3.8 lbs.
RFLX36DS 36" 5.7 lbs.
RFLX48DS 48" 7.6 lbs.
RFLX60DS 60" 9.5 lbs.
RFLX72DS 72" Seamed 11.4 lbs.
RFLX96DS 96" Seamed 15.2 lbs.

Commercial Colors: Black Glossy and Metallic. Industrial Colors: Black Satin and Black/Yellow.

Custom configurations available, fax drawing for pricing.


While remaining true to our roots as craftsmen

Ranco is founded on an equal commitment to technology. Better tools and more precise techniques are essential to the manufacturing of the world's best anti-fatigue mats. Ranco personnel have been at the forefront of innovative mat design for the last twenty years. Ranco has cultivated links to manufacturing and chemical engineering partners throughout the world to further our efforts. The ultimate product of these efforts, there's a little Einstein in every Rhino mat.

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