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At Ranco Industries, Inc. our success is built of non-stop innovation. We strive to find new ways to empower the distributor and every distributor is treated as if they were part of the family. 

As a result of our efforts, we have upgraded some of our current product lines and are excited to introduce our new products of 2023!   


Rhino Hide Laminated Anti-Fatigue 5 new bold colors                                  


Rhino Hide Salon  5 new colors and 2 new size offerings. Now available in 5' x 6' semi-rectangle.


Tritan Perma Walk Now available in grit surface top and 3' x 20' runners.

M-Series (Formerly known as K-Series Meter Mat)

Multi-Mat Now available in grease proof green. A New twist to an old stand-by.

Pro-Tex Now available in grease proof green. A New twist to an old stand-by.

Hex-O-Lite Now available in grease proof green. A New twist to an old stand-by.

Traktor Mat Now available in grease proof green. A New twist to an old stand-by.



Nitrile Diamond Plate Laminated anti-fatigue with Nitrile Diamond surface.

G-Series (Interlocking) 3’ x 3’ Interlocking drain-thru with grit surface.

G-Series (Beveled) 3' x 5' drain-thru bevels 4 sides with grit surface.

E-Series (Interlocking) Economy 3’ x 3’ Interlocking drain-thru with grit surface.

E-Series (Beveled) Economy 3' x 5' drain-thru bevels 4 sides.

Tuff Flex Drain-Thru 3' x 5' Traditional drain-thru.

The Meg Xtra Large 5' x 6' salon mat. 





Registered Brands

Registered Brands You Can Trust:


American Classic®

Rhino Hide®



Foot Loose®



Tuff Plush™

Doctor Stand-Eze™


Comfort Craft®

Dura Step™

Diamond Plate Brite™





Traktor Mat®


Sudden Comfort®




Ama Cloud®

Dielectric Switchboard

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About Us

Ranco Industries is an American manufacturer of industrial-grade mats, founded in 1978 on the premise of a simple, durable mat with unsurpassed comfort and good looks. The Rhino brand has evolved over the years, but the foundation of the product line remains the same today as it did from the very start - great American design and unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. The company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is vertically integrated, combining laminated, molded rubber, and injection molded polyurethane products with worldwide distribution through a dedicated and established group of distributors.

Ranco Industries´ greatest strength stems from a successful formula that combines accumulated industry "know-how," strong research and development, quality control, manufacturing expertise, and a passion for bringing innovative new anti-fatigue products to the market. This and our strong distributor relationships make us the branded choice for many consumers.

No business can survive unless its operating philosophy includes protecting our environment, our employees, and our communities. Ranco Industries strives to minimize the environmental impact of its operations in all the communities in which it does business.

This commitment starts with carefully selecting raw materials and continues through the disposal of products at the end of their life cycle. Particular emphasis has been placed on reducing the exposure of potentially harmful materials to the environment.

Ranco Industries' concern for the community extends to social issues as well. We will continue to channel our efforts where they can make a meaningful impact on the efforts of those already striving to make our world a better place to live and work.