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Big Ass Mat

Big Ass Mat

Big Ass Mat (BAM)
Starting at 6ft wide, with custom lengths and configurations up to 75ft long. BAM is a large format anti-fatigue mat offering a one-piece seamless construction and a scuff-resistant textured surface that is 5/32” thick, making the mat puncture-proof and almost indestructible, Backed with a 5-year wear surface guarantee.

High Quality – Long Life
BAM suffers no deterioration from weathering and ozone exposure and is self-extinguishing when tested by FMVSS-302. It also offers excellent durability following exposure to many organic and inorganic chemicals.

Premium Ergonomics
A closed-cell polymeric sponge substrate produces the incredibly soft and resilient rebound properties needed in a rigorous multi-station work environment.

Custom Configurations / Two Thicknesses
Offered in two overall thicknesses, Heavy-Duty is 9/16” and Super-Duty is 15/16” thick



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