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Finger Tip Entrance Mats

Finger Tip Entrance Mats


  • Finger Tip mats from Rhino are the perfect all-weather mat. Hundreds of flexible and durable rubber bristles are molded into the surface of the mat, that perform a scrubbing action, as they brush off mud, slush, snow and the and parking lot grime of dirt & oil.  
  • The no-trip beveled edges around the perimeter of Fingertip Mats creates a dam effect, holding pounds of debris between cleanings Cleaning is simple and easy, turn over, shake out or hose off.
  • Rhino Finger-Tip mats are 5/8” thick, Color: Black and offered in four sizes, 24” x 32”, 32” x 39”, 36” x 60” & 36”x 72”.



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