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Foot-Loose® Salon Mats

Foot-Loose® Salon Mats

• Foot Loose is a superior value with a top surface that is a minimum of 3 times thicker than the imports and well over 50% more durable. This more durable surface yields the best life cycle cost and the lowest total environmental impact.

• Unlike the Imports, Foot Loose is Proposition 65 compliant, meets State and Federal flammability requirements, contains no lead or other heavy metals and there are no VOCs or off-gassing.

 • Foot Loose is constructed of a 3/32” top surface laminated to a 3/8” thick polymeric sponge base, overall thickness is ½”. Available in Semi-Circle or Rectangle versions, (𝑥) 5 sizes and with either the “standard” circular cut-out or an optional square cut-out for chairs with the square base, giving you 20 variations to choose from.



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