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Marbleized Anti Fatigue Mat

Marbleized Anti Fatigue Mat

  • .Providing comfort for people who stand behind counters in pharmacies and teller stations, widely used in laboratories and check-stand applications.
  • The marbleized top surface is a low static vinyl formulation. Sponge base will have a skin surface to block moisture to resist oils and industrial chemicals.
  • Edges of sponge base will be beveled to within 1.5” of the top surface to effectively taper the edges of the surface to the floor and create a visibly molded incline around the perimeter of the mat.
  • Overall thickness is ½” or 7/8”, available in stock sizes of 2’ x 3’ & 3’ x 5’ and custom lengths from 2’, 3’ and 4’ rolls .
  • Colors: Gray, Blue, Black/White and Charcoal



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