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Nickels Worth Salon Mat

Nickels Worth Salon Mat

• The raised coin pattern design is not only very attractive but also slip resistant, easy to clean and resistant to all hair-care products.

• Nickels-Worth Salon Mats are straight forward with the use of a carefully engineered closed-cell polymeric sponge base, providing the simplest and most effective way to reduce fatigue.

• Nickels Worth is available in two thicknesses, 1/2” and 7/8”, (x) four (4) different sizes, (x) two (2) configurations, semi-Circle or Rectangle and your choice (x) of the standard circular cut-out or an optional square cut-out for chairs with a square base. Giving you 32 variations to choose from. Color; Black.

• The Rhino commitment to the Salon Professional is a 5 year guarantee.



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