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Reflex Salon

Reflex Salon

• Interactive mat is a term describing the Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mats combination of resilience and stimulation by the vertical column support domes, working together for an effect that rejuvenates as energy is expended.
• The solid domed Reflex surface is compliant, taking the shape of the foot and providing equal support over the entire footprint. At the same time, the buoyancy of the closed-cell polymeric sponge provides an upward vertical force and simple manipulation of the feet. This relieves tension and breaks up patterns of stress in other parts of the body to an amazing extent.
• Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mats are available in two thicknesses, 9/16” and 1”, (𝑥) two configurations, Semi-Circle, and Rectangle, (𝑥) 5 different sizes, (𝑥) two colors (𝑥) the “standard” circular cut-out or an optional square cut-out for chairs with the square base, giving you 80 variations to choose from. 



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