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Rhino Diamond Stair Treads

Rhino Diamond Stair Treads

• Rhino Diamond stair treads are a practical, utilitarian product for preventing stair related falls.

• For use in Industrial / commercial buildings / residential steps cellars and decks.

• Rhino Diamond Stair Treads are manufactured with a combination of natural and recycled rubber and are easily cut to size using a utility knife and straight edge.

• Securing with double sided carpet tape offers reliable stability. It also can be removed easily without causing damage to sub-surfaces. If a permanent installation is not wanted, treads can be simply placed on the steps. In many cases the natural traction provided by the rubber is enough to keep the treads in-place. Permanent installation requires a clean substrate, using 2 part epoxy flooring adhesive, applied to both stairs and treads.

• Diamond Treads are 10” x 29" with a 1” lip.

• Weight: 1.8 lbs each; Color: Black. Simply sweep with a broom using a mild household detergent solution.

• Sold 6 per package.



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