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Vegas Salon Mats

Vegas Salon Mats

• Stiletto or Spike heels are back in vogue and we are meeting today’s fashion challenge with the Vegas heel-proof salon mat.

• Beautiful black-satin top surface, 3/16” thick, manufactured with a rich performance rated vinyl compound with no fillers added, creating a top surface that is bullet proof. The Vegas extra thick top surface provides the maximum resistance to puncture while remaining soft and pliant allowing exceptional sensitivity to the closed-cell polymeric sponge base and unparalleled comfort.

• Vegas Salon mats are available in two thicknesses 9/16” and 1” thick, (𝑥) two configurations, Semi-Circle, and Rectangle, (𝑥) 5 different sizes (𝑥) the” standard” circular cut-out or an optional square cut-out for chairs with the square base, giving you 40 variations to choose from Vegas Salon mats are backed by a 5-year warranty that insures against puncture from spike heels.



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